Overcoming anxiety

This book details panic attacks and addresses the root cause. With good, practical advice this book can help you overcome panic attacks.

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The lessons I learnt to help stop panic attacks and reduce anxiety in a modern, hectic lifestyle.

What’s this all about?

Anxiety affects nearly everyone to some degree, but there seems to be an increasing number of people suffering from high anxiety levels. This can make you feel nervous, panicky and sometimes afraid to leave the house or be outside your comfort zone.

In this book the author talks about his experiences of anxiety and the struggles he faced over a ten year period of his life. During the last year of anxiety a number of things were realised that led to significant changes that eliminated the panic attacks and have minimalised the effects of anxiety and that’s the reason for this book.

This book has been written to help other people who suffer with anxiety or panic attacks. It details the changes and realisations that enabled the author to overcome anxiety and beat panic attacks.

It would also be of interest if someone close to you suffers with anxiety. The symptoms and reactions can often appear confusing or illogical to a spectator. This book will help you understand what happens in both the mind and the body when someone suffers with anxiety.

Battling with anxitey

If you struggle with anxiety in your every-day life, or maybe you started having panic attacks and have no idea why? This book has been written for you. Throughout the pages of this book, you'll discover the hidden cause of anxiety and how you can deal with it.

About the author

This is a story of the authors own first hand experiences of anxiety and panic attacks. It has been written to share with you the lessons he learnt in managing his anxiety and overcoming panic attacks.

Useful advice

You'll find this book is packed full of useful advice on how to manage anxiety. The author explores the causes behind the anxiety and biologically what's happening during a panic attack and provides suggestions for simple changes you can make to reset your body chemistry.

Practical exercises

Also covered in the book are practical exercises to help change the way you think about anxiety and your life. From reflective writing to mindful meditation, this book provides you with all the information and inspiration you need.

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